Rosia Montana – Pure Gold?

The video, an unspoiled fragment of the real story of Gold power over people  was released in order to break the media blockade around this multimillion $ affair. A lot of years of debates and misinformation, a lot of money involved in the process…

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A little intro into the history of this place….There is archaeological and metallurgical evidence of gold mining in the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ of Transylvania since the late Stone Age.[2] Alburnus Maior was founded by the Romans during the rule of Trajan as a mining town, with Illyrian colonists from South Dalmatia .[3] The earliest reference to the town is on a wax tablet dated 6 February 131. Archaeologists have discovered in the town ancient dwellings, necropolises, mine galleries, mining tools, 25 wax tablets and many inscriptions in Greek and Latin, centred around Carpeni Hill.[4] The Romans left Dacia in 271. Mining appears to have started again in the Middle Ages by German migrants using similar techniques to the Romans. This continued until the devastating wars of the mid-16th century.


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